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My First Time

Adult Source Media

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There are some things in life a girl never forgets. 
Her first dress....Her first day away at college....Her first love....Oh yea, let's not forget, Her first Fuck! 
"I want my first time to be special", is a thought that resonates within every girls mind, but a thought which soon turns to, "Oh my,that feels so good, please sir, may I have another?" 

Turn on your voyeuristic side, sit back and get ready to enjoy the hottest animated virgins get their cherries popped and learn the ways and wonders of the human body. Once they let loose,there is no turning back.Featuring 10 Sex Scenes. And for good measure, we've even added a MILF seduction! 

DVD Features
-English Dialogue 
-No Mosaic 
-Full Motion Menus 
-Photo Gallery

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