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Natural Obsession 2 Vol 1

Adult Source Media

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Hot, sexy twins are the order of the day in this seductive tale. 

Twin sisters, Chisato and Kuu orphaned at a young age are sent off to live in a foster home where they meet Nisama. Nisama looks out for the girls as they get older and in the process, sacrifices his musical dreams for their well being. 

Years later, the sisters & Nisama reunite. With guilt hanging over the girls' heads their only desire is to pay back Nisama with some raunchy, sex-crazed debauchery that will more than make up for the past. 

DVD Features
- Dubbed in English 
- Region 1 Coding 
- Uncensored - No Mosaic 
- Original Japanese Dialogue 
- English Subtitles 
- Photo Gallery 
- 20 minute Bonus trailer 

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